Everything is energy & Everything carries a vibrational force. ⠀

Every number & letter is a unique vibration with a profound meaning. ⠀

Just as each musical note gives off a unique frequency & sound (which can be measured numerically), each number oscillates to a specific number of cycles per second. ⠀

Every sound, fragrance, color & thought is a vibration & can be measured as a number.

All the numbers aligned within one person (you), entity (business), or family, create a code.

Each sector of a code contributes to the whole formula - a symphony of vibrant frequencies that make up all the interconnections of your life.

Why is this important?⠀

There is mystery & magic to be revealed in your codes, beginning with the most important one, your birth code.⠀

The blueprint of your soul.

Numbers are the very essence of how life expresses itself. In understanding your birth code you will discover who you truly are at a soul level, how to use your special gifts & how you naturally overcome obstacles to gain the wisdom & courage to fulfill your divine mission.

This magical gift of numerology has given me a huge “ah ha” moment by allowing me to dive deep into understanding my soul blueprint. ⠀

Let me help you to find guidance, clarity, understanding & unveil your true purpose here in this lifetime.