What is Kundalini Meditation?

Kundalini is a scientific technology activating the nervous and glandular systems using mantra, kriya, pranayama and meditation.

Kundalini Meditations allows you to manipulate time which makes things that you want to happen, happen faster than you thought possible.

This practice is a fast track to change, manifesting what you want and opening up your consciousness!


Sat Nam - "Truth is my identity"

We all have habits, however, some of these habits or pattern we have created are not for our highest good.

As we grown and change, our old habits and patterns must change as well. Out with the old, in with the new!

By vibrating the sound current “Sat Nam” in this manner, you are activating the energy of the mind to erase the old habits in order to establish new ones.

This life changing, energy shifting guided Kundalini meditation is 11 min of pure bliss.


Ground & Focus Kundalini Meditation

This Kundalini Meditation helps build mental control.

When you gain more mental control by doing this practice, you are allowing yourself to be less reactive and to build up your nervous system stamina so you don’t attach and react to all the thoughts in your monkey mind.