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Kundalini E-Course

You know how some people just seem to have an incredible aura around them?!

One that draws you in, makes you want to be around them, lifts you up!

The thing is, the way your aura v i b r a t e s is how you attract what you want into your life.

Your aura has what is called a ‘radiant body’, which circles around you and sends out the version of you that you’d like to be seen.

This radiant body expands your energy system and vibrates HIGH so it’s frequency can match and awaken your tribe!

The people YOU want to be in your life are already out there waiting to be pulled into your VIBE.

Even more incredible, the radiant body also works as a shield to drive off people and situations that do not serve your highest good.

Through the Kundalini Kriyas, which we will learn all about in this course, you are able to strengthen this ‘radiant body’, which in turn raises your frequency & vibration.

This is the T R U E meaning of ‘raise your vibration’.

Once you vibrate at a higher level, you automatically attract ANYTHING you want.


The possibilities are endless!

Included in this course:

- Kundalini E-Course

- Private Facebook group for all students (optional but encouraged!)

- Two FREE Kundalini guided meditations

- One on one support from instructor (me!)