The most incredible part of living on this planet is living in your truth & spreading light and love wherever you go, but many of us struggle with the HOW & WHY.

That is where I come in!

As a lightworker, oracle card reader and Kundalini wellness coach, I am on a mission to change the vibrations of the collective and EMPOWER YOU to live your best life!

By utilizing our gifts (YES, WE ALL HAVE THEM!) & stepping into our authentic selves, we will make MASSIVE shifts together!


About me

I'm a spiritual goddess who is PASSIONATE about helping people step into their power and RISE UP to their highest potential!

My goal in life is to help guide people to step into their power and use their gifts to bring light and love to the greater consciousness. We ALL have gifts to tap into, and I'm here to help!

By joining me in this journey, you will have access to oracle card readings, Kundalini Meditations and a HIGH VIBE, WooWoo Wellness Bootcamp open to all who are willing to take the next steps to RISE UP in their BEST LIFE!

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